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Rx Fioricet

Buy Fioricet online without prescription from Our US licensed pharmacy. All Rx Fioricet orders include a free consultation and prescription from a US licensed doctor.

Fioricet Information

Fioricet and Esgic are brand name drugs made from a combination of butalbital (a barbiturate, 50 mg), acetaminophen (325 mg), and caffeine (40 mg). They are indicated for the treatment of tension headaches and muscle contraction headaches. Butalbital is a barbiturate and has a generalized depressant effect on central nervous system and, in very high doses, has peripheral effects. Acetaminophen has analgesic and antipyretic effects, its analgesic effects may be mediated through inhibition of prostaglandin synthetase enzyme complex. Caffeine is thought to produce constriction of cerebral blood vessels. Butalbital has a half-life of about 35 hours. Acetaminophen has a half-life of about 1.25 to 3 hours, but may be increased by liver damage and after an overdose. Caffeine has a half-life of about 3 hours.

Rx Fioricet Uses

Rx Fioricet is a barbiturate sedative mixed with a non-aspirin pain medication and caffeine. This non-narcotic pain medication and relaxant is often prescribed for tension headaches caused by contractions of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area, and migraine.

How to Take Rx Fioricet

Rx Fioricet comes as a capsule and tablet to take by mouth. One or 2 tablets every 4 hours as needed. Total daily dosage should not exceed 6 tablets. Extended and repeated use of Fioricet is not recommended because of the potential for physical dependence.

Fioricet Warnings and Precautions

Butalbital may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. Fioricet should never be shared with another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep Rx Fioricet in a secure place where others cannot get to it. Do not take Rx Fioricet without first talking to your doctor if you drink more than three alcoholic beverages per day or if you have had alcoholic liver disease (cirrhosis). You may not be able to take medication that contains acetaminophen. You should not take Fioricet if you are allergic to acetaminophen, butalbital, or caffeine, or if you have porphyria. Before using Rx Fioricet, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs, or if you have:

  • kidney disease
  • liver disease or
  • a history of mental illness or suicidal thoughts
If you have any of these conditions, you may need a dose adjustment or special tests to safely take Fioricet. FDA pregnancy category C. It is not known whether Fioricet is harmful to an unborn baby. Before taking Fioricet, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not use Fioricet without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. Fioricet may cause you to become drowsy or less alert, therefore, driving or operating dangerous machinery or participating in any hazardous activity that requires full mental alertness is not recommended until you know your response to Rx Fioricet.

Missed Dose of Rx Fioricet

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

Possible Fioricet Side Effects

Side effects of Fioricet cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Rx Fioricet. More common side effects may include: Abdominal pain, dizziness, drowsiness, intoxicated feeling, light-headedness, nausea, sedation, shortness of breath, vomiting. Less common or rare side effects may include: Agitation, allergic reactions, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, earache, exaggerated feeling of well-being, excessive sweating, excessive urination, excitement, fainting, fatigue, fever, flatulence, headache, heartburn, heavy eyelids, high energy, hot spells, itching, leg pain, mental confusion, muscle fatigue, numbness, rapid heartbeat, ringing in the ears, seizure, shaky feeling, skin redness and/or peeling, sluggishness, stuffy nose, tingling.

Storage of Fioricet

Store below 86° F (30° C); dispense in a tight container and out of reach of children.

Fioricet Overdose

An overdose of Fioricet, or combining Fioricet with alcohol or other central nervous system depressant, may lead to unconsciousness or perhaps death. Fioricet overdose is indicated by severe drowsiness, confusion, extreme weakness, hallucination, shortness of breath, too slow or troubled breathing, slurred speech, lack of coordination, vomiting with blood, unusually slow heartbeat.

More Rx Fioricet Information

Do not take Fioricet if you have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) in the last 14 days. Dangerous side effects could result. Fioricet may increase the effects of other drugs that cause drowsiness, including antidepressants, alcohol, antihistamines, sedatives (used to treat insomnia), other pain relievers, anxiety medicines, and muscle relaxants. Tell your doctor about all medicines that you are taking, and do not take any medicine unless your doctor approves.

Rx Fioricet Disclaimer

This Rx Fioricet information is for your information purposes only, it is not intended that this information covers all uses, directions, drug interactions, precautions, or adverse effects of your medication. This is only general information, and should not be relied on for any purpose. It should not be construed as containing specific instructions for any particular patient. We disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of this information, and/or any consequences arising from the use of this information, including damage or adverse consequences to persons or property, however such damages or consequences arise. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made in regards to this information.